Can't Remember Your Password?

Posted by on 8/13/2013 to FAQ
Having trouble remembering your password or having trouble logging into the store?

Forget your password in the middle of the night? No waiting until the next day to call us. The new cart will email you a reset link right away (it expires in ten minutes so you will want to get in there and reset the password right away or you may wind up asking for that reset link again).

Simply click on the MY ACCOUNT link and enter your email address into the field and click reset my password. Click on that link and it takes you right to a page to create a new password and once you do you are immediately logged into the site.

If you get a message that says, 

Password Not Sent
Your email could not be found in our database, you may not be registered with us.

Then you don't currently have an account with us. You can register with the site at any time or simply do it during check out. The shopping cart will require a password during check out.