Directions for Wild Bird Feeders

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Seed Feeder Instructions:

  1. Unscrew the base of the seed feeder.
  2. Pour in seed. You can use a variety of different wild bird seeds. Feed holds up to 1.5 lbs.
  3. Securely screw the base back onto the seed feeder.
  4. Hand bird feeder from a tree branch or garden hook.

Pop-Up Finch Feeder Instructions:

  1. Fully raise the top of the feeder into position.
  2. Snap the six (6) perch pegs into the designated holes. 4 around the bottom and 2 in the middle section.
  3. Fill the feeder to the top of the housing with thistle seed and slide the roof down over the housing. Hang the feeder in a desired and visible location.

Wild Bird Feeder Instructions:

Feeding the Birds
Your bird feeder has a wide opening at the top for convenient filling. If your feeder is hanging, take it down to fill it. Simply remove the top of the lid by sliding it up the rope. Fill with seed and replace the top lid. A full feeder may last for several weeks depending on the level of activity at the feeder.

Note: if this is not your only feeder, it may take several weeks before birds notice and feel comfortable coming to the feeder. If you have other feeders, allow them to run out of seed and fill only your new feeder until the birds begin to use it.

Choosing Seed
The preferred seed for most birds is sunflower seed, specifically black oil sunflower seeds. These seeds have a high meat-to-shell ratio, are nutritious and high in fat, and their small and thin shells make it easy for small birds to handle and crack. Purchase seeds with the shell on to avoid potential rotting which may make birds ill. Other food options include cracked corn and millet. By using different types of seed, you attract a variety of birds to the feeder.

When to Feed
Bird feeding can be enjoyed year round. As the seasons change, so will the variety of birds and the activity at your feeder.

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