From Your BFFs at PurrPacks

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Dear Valued PurrPacks Members:
By now, many of you have made inquiry related to the big changes at PurrPacks announced on the insert of May's subscription box.

A Message from PurrPacks

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A Message from PurrPacks
Many of you have been loyal from the get-go, and we thank you!  We have some BIG CHANGES to announce and hope you'll be pleased:

Electronic Gift Certificates

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Information on electronic gift cards and how to check the status in your account.

Redeeming Your Rewards Points

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By now you may have noticed our products show a rewards point value. Basically you get 1 point per dollar spent. This is automatic and will be reflected in the MY ACCOUNT portion of the site once you are logged in and have made purchases. Here you will see your total points to date and you can either view the details...

Can't Remember Your Password?

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Having trouble remembering your password or having trouble logging into the store?

Simply click on the MY ACCOUNT link and enter your email address into the field and click reset my password. Click on that link and it takes you right to a page to create a new password and once you do you are immediately logged into the site.

New Site, New Features & New Services

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Welcome to the all new Our new site offers loads of new features, which we are extremely excited about and hope you will be too!

Why can't certain items be shipped outside the USA?

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Due to customs restrictions and size constraints some items cannot be shipped outside the USA. For more information on what restrictions your country imposes please check with your local customs officials... Newsletter

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Join us for news and information about our products and other interests for cat owners. Be the first to learn about sales and receive newsletter member only discounts! SIGN UP NOW

Wholesale Pricing

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If you would like to carry our items in your pet store please visit for more information.

APO/ FPO Military Shipping & Handling Information

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APO/ FPO Military Shipping & Handling APO [Army Post Office] and FPO [Fleet Post Office] are military designated addresses that allow mail to be delivered to overseas military locations. APO addresses are associated with US Army or Air Force installations. FPO addresses are associated with US Navy installations and ships in the United States.

International Customs and Tariffs

Posted by on 7/21/2012 to FAQ cannot be responsible for any tariffs, customs restrictions, or other regulations that apply in countries outside the United States. We strongly encourage you to speak with your customs office if you have any questions as to what additional costs your order might entail...

What is your monthly delivery program?

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Find answers to common questions about our monthly delivery program.

Not receiving emails from

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If you are not receiving emails from this might be caused by a variety of reason...

I see different prices or products than what says is available

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We update are website on a regular basis and if you have a cached webpage on your computer you are not seeing the website properly. This can also happen if you save items in shopping cart. When you come back to complete the sale the items sometimes have price changes or have been discontinued....

Google, Yahoo, MSN Search are listing pages or specials not on

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Many search engines will cache pages and do not update their listing as quickly as we do. For current product listings, pricing and specials please refer to and not the search engine listings. And sometimes you, the customer, have an older version of our website cached on your computer...

Directions for Wild Bird Feeders

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Instructions on use of the different wild bird feeders.

Humming Bird Feeder Directions

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Directions and recipes for filling your hummingbird feeder.